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Anania Family Jewellers - Blog

A unique look at elements of Jewellery

My name is Daniel Anania. 

  • 3rd Generation of the Anania family to run Anania Family Jewellers
  • I first joined the company in 2001
  • I use to spend my holidays coming in to work and learnt a lot just by doing

I have a unique view on Jewellery and where true value lies. Jewellery is a celebration - my job is great because I meet people who are celebrating - I get to be a small part, so I like to make sure that I can deliver

  • Within Budget
  • Choices within design
  • Education when better value is available
  • Work within tight or long deadlines

These blogs are listening to many hundreds of clients over the years and taking often complicated questions/components of Jewellery and compressing it into an uncomplicated explanation. At the end of the day, my clients express their value and that is what I will always deliver. These blogs are my PDS (Professional Disclosure Statement) of how I would weigh up different options and make my decisions. I am an expert on Jewellery - and I am sure if I went into your job, I would need your guidance.

Please enjoy them and feel free to make comments




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